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brm_563782 - VESPASIAN Denier

175.00 €(Approx. 211.75$ | 155.75£)
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Type : Denier
Date: 72
Mint name / Town : Roma
Metal : silver
Millesimal fineness : 900 ‰
Diameter : 17,5 mm
Orientation dies : 7 h.
Weight : 3,26 g.
Coments on the condition:
Exemplaire centré des deux côtés. Usure régulière. Joli revers. Patine grise
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Obverse legend : IMP CAES VESP AVG P M COS IIII.
Obverse description : Tête laurée de Vespasien à droite (O*).
Obverse translation : “Imperator Cæsar Vespasianus Augustus Pontifex Maximus Consul quartum”, (L’empereur césar Vespasien auguste grand pontife consul pour la quatrième fois).


Reverse legend : AVGVR (AU-DESSUS)// TRI POT (À L'EXERGUE).
Reverse description : Instruments pontificaux : simpulum, aspersoir, capis (vase à sacrifice) et lituus.
Reverse translation : “Augurus// Tribunicia Potestate”, (Augure, revêtu de la puissance tribunitienne).

Historical background


(07/01/69 to 06/24/79) Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus

Vespasian was born Nov. 17 9 Flacrines near Reate (in Sabine country). It belongs to the Italian municipal bourgeoisie. Aedile in 38, 40 lender, consul in 51, proconsul of Africa in 63, he commanded with Claude shipping Britain. Nero says his three legions and a proconsul imperium to crush the revolt in Judea 66. It was proclaimed on July 1, august 69 to Alexandria and son, Titus and Domitian, are promoted Caesars. Vitellius was removed Dec. 20, 69. Titus is attached directly to the government by his father at 71. His reign was devoted to the political and economic restoration of Rome. In 73, it is of censorship. He died in Reate 24 June 79.

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