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Internet & Live Auctions

What is a live auction?

The live-auction is a new way of selling, as explained here by cgb.fr.
The purpose of this way of selling is to enable the price for the item to be sold to be determined by the participants.
Each participant makes a bid for the item by stating the price that he or she wishes to pay.
The person who makes the highest bid is the winner and only pays the amount of the last bid that is lower than his or her bid plus the amount of a single incremental bid.
For example: if two participants make a bid for the same item and the first one bids 170 euros and the second one bids 110 euros, then the first participant will obtain the item for 115 euros (110 euros plus the incremental step of 5 euros).
At the end of the sale an item will close every 20 seconds. Every bid recorded during the last 15 seconds will set the timer at another 15 seconds offering collectors a last chance to raise their bids. You can access the current e-auction by clicking on the following link:

How do I participate?

In order to participate in the live auctions, if you already have an account and have already made purchases from our e-shops, all you have to do is add a username to your account. Choose your username carefully. You can only have one username.
If you do not have an account, you will need to create one by following this link: http://www.cgbfr.com/acces_compte.html
You will then need to wait for us to validate your account , which could take up to 48 hours. (Do not register your account during the last few days of a live auction sale because you may risk not having your account validated on time). Do not hesitate to contact us at live@cgb.fr if you need help participating.

Can I see the live auction lots?

Live auction lots can be viewed by appointment at our numismatic counter at 36, rue Vivienne (Paris 2ème, Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm). Please make an appointment in advance by e-mail live@cgb.fr or by telephone 33 (0) 1 40 26 42 97.
How do I bid?

When you have connected to your cgb.fr account, all you have to do is go to the live auction section at http://www.cgb.fr/live_auctions.html and click on the information sheet for the item that you are interested in, enter the amount that you are prepared to pay for the item and click on Bid.

Miser eauction cgb.fr

A validation window will then appear requesting that you confirm your bid by clicking OK.
Check the amount carefully because once you have confirmed it your bid cannot be withdrawn and you will be contractually committed to buying the item if you are the winner of the auction sale.
We advise you to enter the maximum amount that you are prepared to pay for the item. The e-auction system at cgb.fr will compare your bid with the other bids throughout the auction sale and will continue the bidding process on your behalf.
If another participant makes the same bid as yours but yours is made first, you will be the winner. You therefore have an advantage if you enter the amount that you would be prepared to pay for the item at the very start of the auction.
If another participant makes an offer higher than yours during the auction sale, and if you have not deactivated the e-auction email alerts, you will receive an email to inform you that your bid is no longer the highest and you will then be able to make a higher bid, if you wish.
You can bid either by using the information sheet for the article or your e-auction dashboard.

mes e-auctions cgb.fr

At the end of the sale, the live auction will begin and you can bid on the items you are interested in if you are outbid by another buyer.

My maximum bid

When you participate in an auction sale, you bid the maximum amount that you wish to pay for the item. This amount cannot be seen by the other participants and you will not necessarily pay this amount for the item for which you have made the bid, since the price you pay will be the bid price that is lower than yours plus one bid.
The live auction system at cgb.fr makes bids automatically to ensure that your bid is always the highest until your maximum bid price is reached.
Therefore, if no other participant makes a bid that is higher than yours, you will obtain the item for a price that may be much lower than your maximum offer.
When you use the maximum bid process you are not obliged to remain connected to the cgb.fr site.
Mon offre maximum e-auction cgb.fr
You are the only person who can see your maximum bid price on the information sheet for the item or the dashboard for your live auctions.
How do I add an item to my live auction dashboard?

If you only wish to follow the bidding process for an item or bid later from your live auction dashboard, go to the item sheet and click on “Add to my live auctions”.
Ajouter à mes live auctions cgb.fr
You will then be able to find the item on your dashboard at:
When you bid for an item it will automatically be added to your dashboard.
Live Auction Email Alerts

When you participate on an e-auction, you receive emails to confirm your bids or to inform you that your bid for an item is no longer the highest bid.
You can stop email alerts by going to your account at:
Tick the box: I do not wish to receive email alerts.
mes alertes e-auctions
Incremental steps for bids

An incremental step is the amount added to a bid each time a participant bids for an item in order to set a new minimum price. It is calculated on the basis of the current price of the item using the following system:

From To Incremental Step
1 49 1
50 99 2
100 199 5
200 499 10
500 999 20
1 000 1 999 50
2 000 4 999 100
5 000 9 999 200
10 000 19 999 500
20 000 49 999 1 000
50 000 99 999 2 000
100 000 199 999 5 000
200 000 499 999 10 000

In order to be successful, your maximum bid only has to be one euro higher than the maximum offer of the participant who has made the next highest bid. The incremental step is therefore not systematically added to the next highest bid when the two participants concerned use the maximum bid process.
What happens if two participants bid the same amount?

If two participants make the same bid for the same item, the first one to make the bid is the winner.
Why is it that every time I place a bid, it's immediately overtaken by another bid?

It may happen that the bid you have just validated is immediately overtaken by another bid, if a participant has placed a higher maximum bid than yours.
The item description shows the current price reached, but never the maximum bid of the current winner.
Bidding at the last moment

When the sale starts closing you will have access to the live mode. Each item will be presented for 20 seconds and you can start biding on the item that you want. If a bid is placed in the last ten seconds , the sale is restarted for another 15 seconds giving everyone the chance to bet again.

Bidding at the last moment of an auction sale is risky because the time it takes for bids to be recorded can vary, depending on the number of participants, and therefore you may lose because your offer is not received quick enough.
If you wish to obtain an item, we advise you to use the maximum bid process and bid the maximum amount that you wish to pay for the item as early as possible.

Can I change my bid?

If you decide that the bid you have made is not high enough, you can increase your maximum bid price at any time. Simply go to the item information sheet and make another bid by entering a higher amount. It is not possible to lower a bid after you have validated it.
Can I cancel my bid?

When you validate a bid, you become contractually committed to buying the item for which you have made the bid if you win the auction. You cannot then withdraw. Please read the terms and conditions of use for live auctions for further details.
Can I change my live-auction username?

It is not possible to change your live-auction username.
Choose your username carefully. It will appear on the item information sheets when you have made a successful bid.
How do I know that I have won?

When an auction sale is over, the username of the successful bidder and the price of sale for the article are included in the descriptive sheet on your dashboard.
What will happen if an item does not receive an offer ?

When the sale is closed, if an item has not been bought, it is possible, for about a month , to order it at the starting price (with an 18% buyer's fee).
-What happens when an auction sale has finished?

If you have been successful, a short time after the closing of the sale on all the items of the same live auction, you will receive an email providing details of your purchases and a link for making the payment.
As soon as we receive payment, we will dispatch your purchases.
Are any additional charges made after the sale?

18% buyer's fees are added to the final amount for live auctions The other charge made after the sale is 9 euros for postage to an address in mainland France or 18 euros for postage to a foreign country.
This charge is only included once for each sale, so if you obtain several items in the same sale you will only pay one postage charge, as you would for a shop order.
I have a question

If you have a question relating to an item or the auction sale process, please contact us by email at live@cgb.fr
Can I combine an order placed on e-shops with a live auction order ?

When you receive your live auction invoice, you can take the opportunity to place an order on our e-shops and only pay once for the shipping.
Once you have placed your order, send an email to contact@cgb.fr
indicating the number of your order and asking to group it with your live auction order .

If you didn't find the answer to your query, Contact us live@cgb.fr

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