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bmv_472389 - TROYES (TRECAS) Denier KAPPAS

350.00 €(Approx. 371.00$ | 304.50£)
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Type : Denier KAPPAS
Date: (VII-VIIIe siècles)
Mint name / Town : Troyes (10)
Metal : silver
Diameter : 13,5 mm
Orientation dies : 10 h.
Weight : 1,23 g.
Rarity : R3
Coments on the condition:
Denier uniface, avec la trace du coin de droit. Revers assez bien venu. Patine grise, fine et poreuse
Catalogue references :
Predigree :
Cet exemplaire provient de la collection Raymond D. (1948-2017), il a été acquis auprès de POINSIGNON (2.600 fr)


Obverse description : Lisse.


Reverse legend : PAS.
Reverse description : Trois lettres en plein champ.


Ce denier est lisse au droit, mais il porte normalement les lettres KAP au droit. Un denier de ce type est illustré dans le trésor de Nice-Cimiez qui en aurait contenu au moins cinq exemplaires.
Morel Fatio les attribuait à l’évêque Passencius... Les monnaies B. 5966-5968 présentent diverses variantes de légendes, mais restent assez homogènes..

Historical background


(7th century)

The city of Troyes owes its name to the Gallic Tricasses tribe, whose capital was called Augustabona in Roman times. In 451, Roman Emperor Valentinian III, with the help of his auxiliaries Visigoths, Bretons, Burgundians, Lètes, Saxons and Franks defeated the Huns between Troyes and Châlons-en-Champagne, at a place called "Les champs Catalauniques". In 878, Pope John VIII convened a council there. Devastated shortly after by the Normans, the city rose from its ruins. It became in the Middle Ages, at the time of the Champagne fairs, a prosperous market known for its large annual fairs, in which weights and measures were defined, such as the troy weight still in force today. In the Merovingian period, the city struck the names of IVSTINVS, CHARIBERTVS REX, GENNVLFVS, AVDOLENVS, MVMMOLENVS, CONCESSVS, BERTERAMNVS, VVILLOBERTVS.

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