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bpv_727765 - TIBERIUS As

200.00 €(Approx. 218.00$ | 166.00£)
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Type : As
Date: 14-37
Mint name / Town : Ilici, Espagne
Metal : copper
Diameter : 28 mm
Orientation dies : 1 h.
Weight : 13,02 g.
Rarity : R1
Coments on the condition:
Monnaie idéalement centrée. Très joli revers. Patine vert foncé et sable
Catalogue references :


Obverse legend : [TI CAESAR DIVI AVGVSTI F AVG P. M.].
Obverse description : Tête nue de Tibère à gauche (O°1).
Obverse translation : “Tiberius Cæsar Divi Augusti Filius Augustus Pontifex Maximus”, (Tibère césar fils du divin Auguste, auguste grand pontife).


Reverse legend : C I I A L TER LON L PAP AVI II VIR Q// IVNCTIO.
Reverse description : Deux personnages debout de face se donnant la main au-dessus d’un autel (serment).
Reverse translation : “Colonia Iulia Ilici Augusta Lucius Terentius Longus Lucius Papirius Avitus duomviri/ Junctio)” (Colonie Julia Ilici Augusta, Lucius Ternetius Longus et Lucius Papirius Avitus duomvirs/ Cohésion).


Les auteurs du Roman Provincial Coinage ont relevé au total 93 exemplaires de ce type. C’est la première fois que nous en présentons un à la vente. Au revers, les deux personnages pourraient représenter Germanicus et Drusus Junior, avant 19, Néron et Drusus Césars, les fils de Germanicus, Tibère et Séjan, Tibère et Caligula. Il pourrait s’agir aussi de deux cités : Ilici et Icosium.

Historical background


(08/19/14 to 03/16/37)


Tiberius, the son of Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia, was born November 16, 42 BC His father, Caesar's lieutenant at the Alexandria War (48-47 BC), is then rallied to Antony. Octave removed Livia, mother of Tiberius, and the wife 38 BC when she was pregnant with Nero Drusus. To complicate later the family tree of the Julio-Claudian Tiberius had Vipsania divorce to marry Julie, the daughter of Augustus, Agrippa's widow (12 BC). After chosen as heir, Augustus prefers his grandchildren and son Tiberius then exiled to Rhodes. After a failed plot Julie Tiberius divorces her and never seen again. 4 Augustus adopted Tiberius, who succeeded him in 14. His reign lasted 23 years. Germanicus, he did not like, dies at 19. He loses his 23 son Drusus was murdered by his wife, Livilla, with the help of the praetorian prefect Sejanus, his lover, which retains its power until 31. Denounced for his crimes by his sister, Antonia, Sejanus is executed. Tiberius retired to Capri since the year 27 died, perhaps murdered at 37 and his nephew Caligula, great-son of Augustus, succeeded him.

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