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cp06 - PAPIER-MONNAIE 6, Banque de France : collection «A», Maroc : collection Michel BECUWE DESSAL Jean-Marc, PRIEUR Michel

PAPIER-MONNAIE 6, Banque de France : collection «A», Maroc : collection Michel BECUWE DESSAL Jean-Marc, PRIEUR Michel
Not available.
Item sold on our e-shop.
Price : 20.00 €
Author : DESSAL Jean-Marc, PRIEUR Michel
Publisher : CGB Numismatique Paris
Language : français
Description : Paris 2004, broché, 15x21, 288 pages, 1219 billets, nombreuses illustrations en couleur
Weight : 475 g.


The first part offers the "A" collection, more than 700 Banque de France notes.
More than 90 % of the notes are better than Splendid (AU), all the XXth century types are offered in rare grades, with an extraordinary set of semi-modern and modern issues : from the 500 NF Molière and on, the extend and quality of the series is outstanding.
Molière, Pasteur, Voltaire, Berlioz, Racine, the 64 different alphabets of the Debussy (many with letter A), the 74 alphabets of the Quentin La Tour, are all offered in complete series with all the dates and varieties, plus most of the recorded varieties of the last Franc issue.
Never seen in trade and of utmost rarity, two Bojarski fakes of the 1000 Minerve and Hercules, plus many « impossible » dates and error notes.

Please remember it is always useful to bid on a lot rather than wait for hypothetical "unsold" notes. During the Pernoud and Mattei sales, many collectors who won no note in the first stage of the sale could not be fast enough to secure what they wanted among the unsold lots : they ended the sale with nothing at all. A larger bid sheet with a limited budget would have won them some notes at interesting prices.

The second part of the sale, from number 1000 and on, offers the exceptional Morocco collection of Michel Becuwe.
It is probably the last opportunity to see such a complete collection on sale : Michel Becuwe's Morocco is complete but some specimen variants and a few dates.
Every key note is there, including many notes never seen in trade, many variants, emergency issues and un-issued notes.
With more than 200 notes than only Time, Knowledge and Passion could gather, this catalogue will stay as a reference for Moroccan notes.

Mail bid sale closes by July 1st but send your bids as soon as possible : for equal offers, first in wins. .

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