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brm_569595 - LUCIUS VERUS Sesterce

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Type : Sesterce
Date: 161
Mint name / Town : Roma
Metal : copper
Diameter : 32,5 mm
Orientation dies : 11 h.
Weight : 23,10 g.
Rarity : R1
Coments on the condition:
Monnaie centrée. Usure importante mais l’exemplaire reste bien lisible et identifiable. Patine marron
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Obverse legend : IMP CAES L AVREL - VERVS AVG.
Obverse description : Tête nue de Lucius Vérus à droite (O°).
Obverse translation : “Imperator Cæsar Lucius Aurelius Verus Augustus”, (L’empereur césar Lucius Aurèle Verus auguste).


Reverse legend : CONCORD AVGVSTOR TR P/ S|C// COS II.
Reverse description : Lucius Verus et Marc Aurèle debout face à face, se donnant la main.
Reverse translation : “Concordia Augustorum Tribunicia Potestas// Consul iterum”, (La Concorde des augustes revêtu de la puissance tribunitienne// consul pour la deuxième fois).

Historical background

Lucius Verus

(7/03/161-02/169) Lucius Aurelius Verus

Son of Aelius Lucius Verus, born in 130, was passed along by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus at the express request of Hadrian dying. During the reign of his adoptive father, he remains in the shadows and not even given the title of Caesar. After the death of Antoninus, his half-brother immediately share power with him, except the titles of "Pontifex Maximus" (supreme pontiff) and "Pater patriae" (father of the country). Lucius Verus led a brilliant campaign in Armenia between 163 and 165, then against the Parthians. He married Lucille 164. He died in February 169.

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