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bga_424224 - GALLIA BELGICA - LINGONES (Area of Langres) Bronze aux trois poissons

GALLIA BELGICA - LINGONES (Area of Langres) Bronze aux trois poissons XF
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Type : Bronze aux trois poissons
Date: c.80-50 AC.
Metal : bronze
Diameter : 18,5 mm
Weight : 3,83 g.
Rarity : R2
Coments on the condition:
Flan large, coulé avec les penons de coulée. Frappe décentrée au revers. Patine brune et un peu croûteuse, hétérogène
Predigree :
Cet exemplaire provient de la collection M. S.


Obverse legend : ANÉPIGRAPHE.
Obverse description : Trois poissons autour d’un annelet pointé ; grènetis et bourrelet.


Reverse legend : ANÉPIGRAPHE.
Reverse description : Trois S (hippocampes) autour d’un annelet pointé ; grènetis et bourrelet.


Très rare bronze ; techniquement, il s'agit d'une monnaie frappée. Cette série dite "aux trois poissons" est un des quelques exemples de type connu en potin coulé et en bronze frappé.

Historical background


(2nd - 1st century BC)

The territory of the Lingons was very vast, straddling the current department of Haute-Marne and part of the Côte d'Or, Yonne and Aube. Their capital was located in Langres. They were surrounded by the Sequani, the Mandubians, the Leuci, the Remes, the Suessions, the Senones and the Aedui. It was one of the largest civitas in Gaul. Langres, which has kept their name, seems to have been one of their oppida. Allies of the Romans, they did not take part in the War. The Helvetians, during their retreat after the defeat of Bibracte, crossed the Lingon territory. And in 52 BC, they did not send emissaries, did not join the revolt and did not participate in the relief army sent to Vercingetorix. On the other hand, in 51 before J. - C., they provided a contingent of cavalry to the Romans in order to fight the Bellovaques and the Belgians. They therefore remained faithful to the Roman alliance. They are quoted several times in Caesar's Commentaries. Caesar (BG. I, 26, 40; IV, 10; VI, 44; VII, 9, 63, 66; VIII, 11). Kruta: 21,111, 184, 187, 201, 251.

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