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brm_865210 - JULIUS CAESAR Dupondius

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Type : Dupondius
Date: 45 AC.
Mint name / Town : Italie du nord (Milan?)
Metal : copper
Diameter : 25,5 mm
Orientation dies : 12 h.
Weight : 15,54 g.
Rarity : R2
Coments on the condition:
Flan épais, centré. Joli buste. Usure régulière. Patine marron


Obverse legend : CAESAR. DICT. TER.
Obverse description : Buste de Victoria (la Victoire) drapé à droite, les cheveux relevés en chignon ; derrière une étoile.
Obverse translation : "Cæsar Dictator tertium" (César Dictateur pour la troisième fois).


Reverse legend : C. CLOVI/ PRAEF.
Reverse description : Minerve debout à gauche tenant un trophée de la main droite qu'elle pose sur son épaule et tenant une lance et un bouclier orné d'une tête de méduse de la main gauche ; à gauche, un serpent.
Reverse translation : "Caius Clovius Præfectus" (Caius Clovius préfet).


Les auteurs du Roman Provincial Coinage ont relevé 72 exemplaires pour ce type qui se rencontre rarement en bon état de conservation.

Historical background


(07/13/100-03/15/44 BC)

Julius Caesar, born in 100 BC, belongs to the party of Marius and opposes Sylla at a very young age. He was praetor in 62 BC, before forming with Pompey and Crassus the first triumvirate in 59 BC, the year of his consulship. He then receives a proconsular imperium on Gaul, renewed in 54. He fights Vercingétorix in Gergovie then in Alesia. Besieged, the Gallic leader must surrender. Crassus having been killed at Carrhae, in Mesopotamia, in 53 BC, Caesar got angry with Pompey and marched on Rome in 49 BC. In 48 BC, at Pharsalus, he crushed Pompey who fled to Egypt where he was assassinated. Caesar must then face the sons of Pompey and the Pompeian party. He defeated them at Thapsus (Africa, death of Cato of Utica) in 46 BC and at Munda (Spain, death of Cneius Pompey). Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March (March 15, 44 BC) by Cassius and Brutus. He was deified after his death in 42 BC..

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