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bpv_297333 - GALBA Tétradrachme syro-phénicien

GALBA Tétradrachme syro-phénicien VF
380.00 €(Approx. 421.80$ | 326.80£)
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Type : Tétradrachme syro-phénicien
Date: 68
Mint name / Town : Antioche, Syrie, Séleucie et Piérie
Metal : silver
Diameter : 25 mm
Orientation dies : 1 h.
Weight : 13,64 g.
Rarity : R2
Coments on the condition:
Exemplaire relativement bien centré pour cette émission, très beau portrait caractéristique, conservation standard pour les exemplaires connus, identique à celle de l’exemplaire du Cabinet des Médailles de Paris, qui provient du Fonds général (FG 240)
Catalogue references :
Predigree :
Cet exemplaire est le 0093_001, il provient de la vente MONNAIES XVI, n° 495


Obverse description : Tête laurée et diadémée de Galba à droite (O°).
Obverse translation : (L'empereur Galba césar auguste).


Reverse description : Aigle debout à gauche sur un foudre, les ailes déployées ; dans le champ à gauche, une palme verticale.
Reverse legend : ETOUS sIR.
Reverse translation : an 116 de l’ère césarienne.


Dans la base TSP maintenue par Michel Prieur, quinze exemplaires seulement sont maintenant répertoriés.

Historical background


(04/02/68 to 01/15/69) Servius Sulpicius Galba

Galba was born on 24 December 3 BC He was raised by Livie and will quickly climb all levels of the Roman administration. Praetor under Tiberius in 20 years, he is consul in 33, then legate of Upper Germany at the beginning of the reign of Caligula. It is proconsul of Africa in 42 after winning a great victory over the Chatti the previous year covering the signs of Varus. This is a great aristocrat, very rich, whose homosexuality was well known from Suetonius. Nero appointed Governor of Spain Tarraconaise. This is where it comes into rebellion against Nero April 68. After the crushing of the revolt of Vindex in Gaul in May, Nero committed suicide on June 9 Galba was proclaimed august 11 June He slowly wins Rome. Avaricious, he governs awkwardly. It adopts Piso 10 January 69 instead of choosing Othon. Meanwhile Vitellius was proclaimed august 1st January 69 by the legions of Germany. Abandoned by all, Galba was finally assassinated on January 15.

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