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brm_229012 - DOMITIANUS Quadrans

125.00 €(Approx. 138.75$ | 113.75£)
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Type : Quadrans
Date: c. 80-96
Mint name / Town : Roma
Metal : copper
Diameter : 18 mm
Orientation dies : 5 h.
Weight : 2,84 g.
Rarity : R1
Coments on the condition:
Exemplaire sur un flan large et bien centré à l’usure importante, mais parfaitement lisible et identifiable. Patine marron foncé
Catalogue references :


Obverse legend : ANÉPIGRAPHE.
Obverse description : Buste casqué et drapé de Mars à droite.


Reverse legend : SC.
Reverse description : Cuirasse.


Poids léger. Quadrans anonyme attribué à la période flavienne ou antonine. Ces monnaies sont en fait beaucoup plus rares que ne le laissent paraître les ouvrages généraux. Pour ce type, une attribution à l’époque de Trajan est probable.

Historical background


(12/69-18/09/96) Titus Flavius Domitianus

August (13/09/81-18/09/96)

Domitian, born in 51, became august 81 in succeeding his brother. In 86, the Capitoline games are organized for the first time. The Flavian Palace was erected on the Palatine. In 88, the secular games were celebrated with pomp. The first campaign was launched on Dacia ending with a compromise peace, leaving Decebalus master of the situation. Domitian is coming off a brilliant campaign against the Sarmatians and the Swabians (IMP XXII). Agricola died in disgrace 23 August 93. In 95, Domitian executed Flavius ​​Clemens, his cousin. The following year, Domitian was murdered at the instigation of his wife and the prefect of the Praetorium.

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