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brm_519423 - DIOCLETIAN Aurelianus

280.00 €(Approx. 324.80$ | 238.00£)
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Type : Aurelianus
Date: début 293 - 1/03/293
Mint name / Town : Lyon
Metal : billon
Millesimal fineness : 50 ‰
Diameter : 23 mm
Orientation dies : 7 h.
Weight : 3,60 g.
Rarity : R2
Officine: 1re
Coments on the condition:
Flan large et ovale. Usure importante au droit mais très beau revers ! Patine foncée
Catalogue references :
B.463 (10 ex.) - RIC.5  - C.383  - ROME 1/-  - Compas-


Obverse legend : IMP DIOCLETIANVS AVG.
Obverse description : Buste radié, drapé et cuirassé de Dioclétien à droite, vu de trois quarts en avant.
Obverse translation : “Imperator Diocletianus Augustus”, (L'empereur Dioclétien auguste).


Reverse legend : P M TR P VIII COS IIII P P/ -|-// A*.
Reverse description : Lion radié marchant à gauche, tenant un foudre dans la gueule.
Reverse translation : “Pontifex Maximus Tribunicia Potestate octavum Consul quartum Pater Patriæ”, (Grand pontife revêtu de la huitième puissance tribunitienne consul pour la quatrième fois père de la patrie).

Historical background


(20/11/284-1/05/305) Caius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus

August (20/11/284-1/05/305)

Diocletian, born in 245 in Dalmatia (Split), is an Illyrian emperor. It takes the purple after removing Aper, the praetorian prefect, stepfather and assassin Numerian, 20 November 284. Struggling against Carin first, last son of Carus, he was defeated at Margus the following year, but was assassinated and Carin Diocletian left alone august. He appoints Maximian, a compatriot, caesar in November 285 and august 1 April 286. It has created a new political regime, the diarchy where two emperors share the military and political power, but is still subject to Maximian Diocletian. Diocletian is placed under the protection Jovian (Jupiter) while Maximian is Herculean gasoline (Hercules). Diocletian spent the first ten years of his reign waging war in the East, while Maximian rest in the West. Diocletian was the first emperor of the Lower Empire, in the words of Gibbons, and founder of the dominat.

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