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brm_549789 - CLODIUS ALBINUS Denier

220.00 €(Approx. 237.60$ | 184.80£)
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Type : Denier
Date: 194
Mint name / Town : Roma
Metal : silver
Millesimal fineness : 650 ‰
Diameter : 18 mm
Orientation dies : 12 h.
Weight : 2,63 g.
Rarity : R2
Officine: 5e
Coments on the condition:
Bel exemplaire idéalement centré. Usure régulière sur l’ensemble de la monnaie. Joli revers ainsi qu’un portrait agréable. Patine grise
Catalogue references :


Obverse legend : D CL SEPT AL-BIN CAES.
Obverse description : Tête nue de Clodius Albinus à droite (O°).
Obverse translation : “Decimus Clodius Septimius Albinus Cæsar”, (Décimus Clodius Septime Albin césar).


Reverse legend : ROMAE AET-ERNAE.
Reverse description : Roma (Rome) casquée et drapée assise à gauche, appuyée sur un bouclier, tenant le palladium de la main droite tendue et une haste renversée.
Reverse translation : “Romæ Æternæ”, (À la Rome éternelle).

Historical background


(04/193-19/02/197) Decimus Clodius Septimius Albinus

Caesar (04/193-12/195)

Albin was proclaimed in April 193, no later than May After removing Dide Julien, he was satisfied with the title of Caesar subject to Septimius Severus. In 194, Albin is consul for the second time with Septimius Severus. His first consulship was suffect. The break is after the victory of Septimius Severus on Pescennius Niger. Albin, remained in Rome, proclaims august. Septimius Severus Caracalla student at césarat May 27 and 196 after the fall of Byzantium in the summer, he march on Rome Clodius Albinus as abandoned, followed by the greater part of the Senate. Refuge in Gaul, Albin is finally defeated 19 February 197 near Lyon. Albin, his family and many supporters (more than 20,000) are executed in retaliation.

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