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bpv_521131 - ANTONINUS PIUS Drachme

250.00 €(Approx. 277.50$ | 210.00£)
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Type : Drachme
Date: an 17
Mint name / Town : Alexandrie, Égypte
Metal : copper
Diameter : 34 mm
Orientation dies : 12 h.
Weight : 21,86 g.
Rarity : R1
Coments on the condition:
Exemplaire sur un flan irrégulier. Revers fin. Patine marron
Catalogue references :
Predigree :
Exemplaire provenant de la collection ENP


Obverse description : Buste lauré, drapé et cuirassé d’Antonin le Pieux à droite, vu de trois quarts en arrière.
Obverse legend : AUT K T AIL ADR -ANtwNEINOS SEB EUS (Autokratoros Kaisaros Titos Ailios Adrianos Antwneinos Sebastos Euseubios).
Obverse translation : (L’empereur césar Titus Aelius Hadrien Antonin auguste pieux).


Reverse legend : L .
Reverse description : Isis assise droite, tenant Harpokrates sur ses genoux.
Reverse legend : DEK-ATOU.
Reverse translation : (An 10).

Historical background

Antoninus Pius

(25/02/138-7/03/161) Titus Aurelius Fulvus Boionius Arrius Antoninus

August (10/07/138-7/03/161)

Antonin was born September 19, 86 at Lanuvium. His family is originally from Gaul (Nîmes). It is a rich senator who married Faustina the former between 110 and 115 and thus entered marriage in Hadrian's family. After the death of Aelius 1 January 138, Hadrian chose Antoninus his successor on February 25 138 in two adjoining her adoptive son, Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus. Hadrian died on July 10 and Antonin succeeded him. He must first fight to deify Hadrian, enemy of the Senate. In 139, Caesar Marcus Aurelius and Faustina became augusta. His reign was peaceful and happy and symbolizes the "Pax Romana" of the second century. In 148, it commemorates the 900th anniversary with pomp of Rome.

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