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bby_249412 - ALEXIUS III ANGELUS-COMNENUS Aspron trachy (scyphate)

ALEXIUS III ANGELUS-COMNENUS Aspron trachy (scyphate) VF
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Price : 75.00 €
Type : Aspron trachy (scyphate)
Date: c. 1195-1203
Mint name / Town : Constantinople
Metal : billon
Diameter : 26 mm
Orientation dies : 6 h.
Weight : 3,00 g.
Rarity : R1
Coments on the condition:
Exemplaire sur un petit flan ovale bombé. Usure importante, mais parfaitement lisible et identifiable. Patine noire
Catalogue references :


Obverse legend : IC - XC.
Obverse description : Le Christ nimbé trônant de face, vêtu du pallium et du colombium, bénissant de la main droite et tenant les Évangiles de la gauche.
Obverse translation : (Jésus Christ).


Reverse description : Alexis III à gauche et saint Constantin couronnés à droite debout de face, vêtus du divitision et du loros, tenant ensemble le labarum bouleté et chacun un sceptre cruciforme ; saint Constantin est nimbé.


Poids très léger. Trace de double frappe au droit.

Historical background


(08.04.1195 - 07.17.1203)

After the long reign of Manuel I Comnenus (1143-1180), events rushed. Mary of Antioch, Manuel's wife, the mother of Alexis II Comnenus (1180-1183) was finally removed with her offspring and replaced by a cousin Manuel, Andronicus I Comnenus (1183-1185) who was eventually killed by the crowd September 12, 1185. Isaac Comnenus (1184-1191) had rebelled against his cousin Andronicus and had seized Cyprus. He was ousted by Richard the Lion Heart in 1191 during the Third Crusade. Isaac II Angelus ascended the throne in 1185, a descendant of the youngest daughter of Alexis I, but the Byzantine Empire is decaying face of internal and external dangers and finally the emperor is filed, blinded and replaced by his brother Senior Alexis Angel III-Comnenus who ascended the throne April 8, 1195. Byzantium is threatened from all sides. The Bulgarian empire emancipated from Byzantine administration. Only the death of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI in 1197 prevented the German invasion. The Venetian ally, finally abandoned his protector and the Fourth Crusade from its original purpose, the recovery of the Holy Places. July 17, 1203, Constantinople surrendered and crossed troops seized the capital while Alexis III fled. Isaac II Angelus was restored and his son Alexius IV Angel is associated with July 18, 1203. They are killed and the troops crossed 28 January 1204. Alexius V Ducas proclaimed February 5, 1204. Constantinople was taken and plundered April 12, 1204.

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