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b97_3687 - 1 Krone NORWAY 1943 P.15a

1 Krone NORWAY  1943 P.15a F
1 Krone NORWAY  1943 P.15a F1 Krone NORWAY  1943 P.15a F
15.00 €(Approx. 16.80$ | 13.20£)
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Face Value : 1 Krone
Date: 1943
Period/Provinces/Banks Norges Bank
Catalogue reference : P.15a
Alphabet - series : Série.F

Historical background


Norway is a Scandinavian country where the Vikings from the 9th century launched raids on the English coast, French and Dutch. Around 900, Harald "fair-haired" is the current King of Norway. In 1380, Norway was united with Denmark. In 1814, Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden. In 1905, Norway became independent and the people chose a constitutional monarchy with Carl of Denmark (Haakon VII) king. Neutral during the First World War, Norway was invaded by German troops in 1940 and will be released in June 1945. The discovery and exploitation of oil deposits in the North Sea is to the country an important source of income and it guarantees independence particularly in relation to the European Union.

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