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brm_649499 - TIBERIUS Semis

Not available.
Item sold on our e-shop (2021)
Price : 95.00 €
Type : Semis
Date: c. 12-14 AD.
Mint name / Town : Lyon
Metal : copper
Diameter : 21 mm
Orientation dies : 9 h.
Weight : 4,48 g.
Rarity : R1
Coments on the condition:
Exemplaire sur un flan bien centré à l’usure plus marquée au droit qu’au revers. belle représentation de l’autel de Lyon au revers. Jolie patine verte
Catalogue references :


Obverse description : Tête laurée de Tibère à droite (O*).
Obverse translation : “Tiberius Cæsar Augusti Filius Imperator septimus”, (Tibère césar fils d’Auguste revêtu de la septième salutation impériale).


Reverse legend : ROM ET AVG.
Reverse description : Autel de Lyon.
Reverse translation : “Romæ et Augusti”, (À Rome et Auguste).


Poids léger. Le semis semble plus rare que l'as. Les exemplaires en orichalque, donc un métal qui brille comme de l'or, sont peu communs. Ils ont circulé moins longtemps que les as et ne sont en général pas contremarqués.

Historical background


(08/19/14 to 03/16/37) Tiberius Claudius Nero

Caesar (4-14 après J.-C.)

Tiberius, the son of Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia, was born November 16, 42 BC His father, Caesar's lieutenant at the Alexandria War (48-47 BC), is then rallied to Antony. Octave removed Livia, mother of Tiberius, and the wife 38 BC when she was pregnant with Nero Drusus. To complicate later the family tree of the Julio-Claudian Tiberius had Vipsania divorce to marry Julie, the daughter of Augustus, Agrippa's widow (12 BC). After chosen as heir, Augustus prefers his grandchildren and son Tiberius then exiled to Rhodes. After a failed plot Julie Tiberius divorces her and never seen again. 4 Augustus adopted Tiberius, who succeeded him in 14. His reign lasted 23 years. Germanicus, he did not like, dies at 19. He loses his 23 son Drusus was murdered by his wife, Livilla, with the help of the praetorian prefect Sejanus, his lover, which retains its power until 31. Denounced for his crimes by his sister, Antonia, Sejanus is executed. Tiberius retired to Capri since the year 27 died, perhaps murdered at 37 and his nephew Caligula, great-son of Augustus, succeeded him.

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