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bga_839940 - CAVARII (Area of Avignon and Orange) Denier IALKOVESI au buste de cheval

CAVARII (Area of Avignon and Orange) Denier IALKOVESI au buste de cheval AU
Not available.
Item sold on our e-shop (2023)
Price : 1 000.00 €
Type : Denier IALKOVESI au buste de cheval
Date: Ier siècle avant J.-C.
Metal : silver
Diameter : 14,5 mm
Orientation dies : 6 h.
Weight : 2,48 g.
Rarity : R2
Coments on the condition:
Superbe monnaie sur un flan centré, un peu court. Tête de toute beauté au droit, très bien venue à la frappe. Au revers, de très jolis détails. Patine grise, de légers reflets dorés
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Obverse legend : ANÉPIGRAPHE.
Obverse description : Tête laurée à droite ; le cou orné d’un collier de perles ; l’oreille marquée ; l’ensemble dans un grènetis.


Reverse legend : IALKOVESI.
Reverse description : Buste de cheval à droite, la crinière en petites boucles, légende en dessous ; listel.


Ces drachmes au buste de cheval sont traditionnellement attribuées aux Cavares.

Historical background

CAVARII (Area of Avignon and Orange)

(1st century BC)

The Cavares were settled on the left bank of the Rhône between the Durance and the Tricastin. The territory included the cities of Arausio (Orange), Cabellio (Cavaillon) and Avenio (Avignon). Originally dependent on the Voconces or the Allobroges, they had to become independent after the defeat of the Allobroges, allies of the Arvernes in 121 BC.. -VS. From 118 BC. -VS. , the Cavares found themselves integrated into the new province of Narbonnaise. They were faithful allies of the Romans during the invasion of Cimbri and of the Teutons who were finally stopped by Marius at Verceil and Aix in 102 and 101 BC.. -VS. They took part in the revolt which shook the Province. We do not know if the Cavares took part in this sedition, at the time of the revolt of Sertorius in Spain. Pompey was forced to intervene and restore order in the new province. Marseille remained faithful to the Roman alliance, but the defeated tribes of the Provincia saw part of their territory confiscated, which could then have been entrusted to the benevolent administration of the Massaliot city, according to the conclusions of A. Deroc. Source: Strabo (G. IV, 1); Ptolemy (G. II, 10).

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