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bga_268247 - GALLIA BELGICA - BELLOVACI (Area of Beauvais) Lot d’étude - 12 bronzes au personnage courant et assimilés

GALLIA BELGICA - BELLOVACI (Area of Beauvais) Lot d’étude - 12 bronzes au personnage courant et assimilés lot
115.00 €(Approx. 136.85$ | 100.05£)
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Type : Lot d’étude - 12 bronzes au personnage courant et assimilés
Date: c. Ier siècle avant J.-C.
Mint name / Town : Beauvais (60)
Metal : bronze
Coments on the condition:
Monnaies identifiables, plus ou moins bien conservées, avec des patines diverses
Catalogue references :
Predigree :
Ces exemplaires proviennent de la collection Gendre




Chaque monnaie de ce lot est identifiée avec son étiquette d'origine, indiquant son classement et la plupart du temps sa provenance (Vendeuil-Caply ou Digeon).

Historical background

Bellovaci (Region Beauvais)

(Second - first century BC)

The Bellovaci, people of Gaul Belgium, occupied the present department of Oise. They had for neighbors the Parisii, the Veliocasses the Calètes the Ambiens and Suessiones. Caesar (BG. VII. 59) considers Bellovaci as the "most valiant of all Gaul" tribe. Before the Gallic War, the Bellovaci were allies Éduens. In 57 before J. C-. They were the artisans of the uprising of the Belgian people, furnished a contingent of sixty thousand warriors to the coalition, but were defeated and took refuge on their oppidum Bratuspantium. In 52 J. C-. They promised a contingent of ten thousand men to the relief army. They retracted, claiming only fight the Romans. Finally, the prayer of Commius, they gave two thousand men in the coalition. The following year, before 51 J. C-. They took the last time the head of a revolt of the Belgian people. Correos, bellovaque leader, led the rebellion to fight the Romans with Atrébates the Ambiens the Aulerci Eburovices the Calètes and Veliocasses. With Atrebatian Commios Correos met Roman armies on the borders of countries and Bellovaci Suessiones. Correos was killed which put a definitive end to hostilities. The main oppidum of Bellovaci was Bratuspantium it is difficult to identify with certainty the Roman city of Caesaromagus (Beauvais). Caesar. (BG. II, 4, 5, 10, 13, 14, V 46; VII, 59, 75, 90; VIII, 6, 7, 12, 14-17, 20-23, 38). Strabo (G. IV, 3-5). Pliny (HN. IV, 106). Ptolemy (G. II, 9). Kruta: 68, 351. uses cookies to guarantee a better user experience and to carry out statistics of visits.
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